In Amélie movie, Audrey Tautou goes to a cinema on Friday evenings to watch films alone. Well this place exists, it is in Paris !

Amélie movie
Amélie in Studio 28 movie theater

A special ticket at the occasion of Amélie movie

Studio 28 owes its name to the date of its opening in 1928 in place of a cabaret, La Pétaudière. Since then, many masterpieces of cinema have been shown on his screen… He even took part in Amelie from Montmartre. Indeed, in the film, Amelie (Audrey Tautou) goes alone to the Studio 28 cinema to watch films there. In the dark, she turns to look at the faces of the other spectators in the room. What she prefers above all is to spot the small details in the films that no one notices. Thus, in the film Jules et Jim by François Truffaut, she sees an insect on the window during the kissing scene. What she hates are drivers who don’t watch the road in old American movies. A special ticket is issued on the occasion of the shooting of the film .

Amélie movie

Marx Brothers and Franck Capra

Studio 28 is one of the most emblematic rooms in Paris, it has hosted many artists such as Jean Cocteau or Luis Bunuel. It is the screening of the latter’s film, The Golden Age that triggers a fight. The owner must then part with his room. Resumed in 1932, it honors American films such as those of the Marx Brothers or Frank Capra. Closed for security reasons, the Studio 28 cinema reopened thanks to the Roulleau brothers in 1950. Gance and Cocteau were the godfathers and the hall once again became a center of culture. Today, it has a capacity of 170 seats and is equipped with a screen of 10 m base. It is the first public hall in Paris to have been equipped with a 4K projector.

Studio 28

10 Rue Tholozé, 75018 Paris

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