Cap Ferret has become the favorite destination for slow tourism enthusiasts. Here everything is focused on the pleasures of the sea and nature.

Cap Ferret

Here are some places not to miss in Cap Ferret :

La Pointe du Cap Ferret

If there is one place not to be missed on the peninsula, it is this one. In addition to having a direct view of the Dune du Pilat, you can admire the giant waves of the Atlantic which are unleashed at all speeds on the beach. Its wild side will please you and give you a breath of fresh air.

Cap Ferret

The Lighthouse :

Another essential when visiting Cap Ferret is its lighthouse. Its red color makes it visible for miles. You can observe it from the mainland or go up there and admire a view of the basin for less than five euros.

Le Village de l’Herbe and its chapel :

L’Herbe is one of the most beautiful places of the the town. If at first sight the only exceptional village has its direct panorama on the sea, it is by walking through its small streets that you will discover all its charm. Fisherman’s hut and Oyster tasting are hidden there. In these typical places, oysters, shellfish and prawns from the producer are served around a glass of wine. To eat in these typical huts it is better to book to avoid the endless queues. And if the Grass has not conquered you yet, do not hesitate to visit its beautiful Algerian chapel. Leaving this place of worship you will get a heavenly view of the Basin.

The oyster villages

In Cap Ferret, there are about ten oyster villages to visit with hundreds of traditional huts. Among them, we chose to visit two: the village of l’Herbe and the Canon. The oyster huts are typical here, they are colorful, at the edge of the basin, with only very narrow lanes to separate them. Although today most have been converted into dwellings, you will find cabins still in operation at the water’s edge.

Horizon Beach

This is the large beach of Cap Ferret. It is located opposite the Bélisaire pier, on the Atlantic Ocean side. Supervised in summer and a place to learn board sports, it is also called Petit Train beach. And yes, because you can get there from the pier on the little train that has existed since 1952 ! For 6€ and in about ten minutes, you travel on 2 kilometers of railway. And here you are effortlessly with your feet on this large white sand beach.

How to get to Cap Ferret ?

The easiest solution is to get there by car, from Bordeaux it will take you 1h30 drive. However on the peninsula there is only one road, summer traffic jams are frequent. If you are not transported, two other possibilities are available to you. The first is to take the Transgironde bus from Bordeaux station, it will take you to the peninsula in 2 hours. The other solution is the one I used, you first have to take the train from Saint-Jean station to Arcachon which takes 55 minutes. Once in Arcachon, go to Jetée Thiers to take a boat to Jetée Bélisaire on Cap Ferret. This solution can be ideal if you arrive the day before and want to visit Cap Ferret in 1 day, in particular it avoids breaking the bank with the hotels in Ferret.

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