Virginie Viard took the reins of Chanel brilliantly after the death of Karl Lagerfeld, but who is she ?

Virginie Viard
Copyright Karl Lagerfeld

She Keeps Chanel alive

Since the death of Karl Lagerfeld on February 19, 2019, it is she who has taken the reins of one of the most prestigious French fashion houses. A look back at the life of the woman who keeps Chanel alive today. This is the story of a climb to the top. Virginie Viard, Karl Lagerfeld’s right-hand woman and director of the Chanel creative studio, officially became Chanel’s artistic director on February 19, 2019. Her nomination was made public by the house immediately after the announcement of the death of the famous courier. But who is the lucky woman at the head of the most famous French fashion house ?

She took care of the outfits of Juliette Binoche

Virginie Viard was born in Lyon. She grew up surrounded by her father, a surgeon, her mother, a doctor, her grandparents, silk manufacturers and her four brothers and sisters. After obtaining her baccalaureate, she flew to London before returning to her native region to study sewing at Cours Georges. She began her career as an assistant to costume designer Dominique Borg, who was then working on the film Camille Claudel. She then accompanied him as a costume designer on the first two films of Krzysztof Kieslowski‘s Three Colors trilogy, which notably led her to take care of the outfits of Juliette Binoche and Isabelle Adjani. In 1987, she joined Chanel where she took care of embroidery. Subsequently, in 1992, she followed Karl Lagerfeld to Chloé before returning to Chanel in 1997 where she became director of the fashion design studio in 2000. This return is a success. She becomes Director of the fashion design studio.

Chic and discreet

In the shadow of the brilliant stylist, she realizes and transcribes her visions for the various collections. Chic and discreet, she succeeded Karl Lagerfeld in March 2019. Following his death, his faithful collaborator took over the reins of the creation of the Chanel collections. She then presents the latest collection designed by Karl, in front of an audience of stars who have come to pay their last tribute to the designer. A reserved silhouette, Virginie Viard cultivates discreet elegance and a soberly chic allure : the perfect reflection of the “Chanel woman”. Her basics reflect her seasoned style: The elegance of black, which she wears almost daily in slim jeans and a suit jacket, flat low boots, vintage printed t-shirts, jeans from toe to the head, an ultra-effective total look that she wore during the spring-summer 2019 show, alongside the great Karl.

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