The kings of France and many personalities like Marcel Proust and Marie-Antoinette had their favorite chocolate factory : Debauve and Gallais.

kings of France

The chocolate factory of the kings of France

Palets of ganaches, truffles, Croquamandes, Pistoles de Marie-Antoinette, Frivoles, Incroyables… Before delighting your taste buds, these chocolate delicacies filled those of queens and kings of France, great writers and famous gourmets such as Brillat-Savarin, Simone de Beauvoir or, more recently, Sonia Rykiel. For more than 210 years, the Debauve et Gallais house has expressed its passion for chocolate through unique creations whose subtle flavors are regularly praised.

kings of France
kings of France

The first chewable chocolates

Sulpice Debauve is a child of the Enlightenment born on December 6, 1757. He sincerely believed that Science could and should relieve Humanity of its ills ! Because of his scientific mind, he quickly turned to the pharmacopoeia and was established in 1778 in Saint Germain as the king’s ordinary pharmacist. The pharmacist Sulpice Debauve develops the first chewable chocolates in which he mixes a remedy against headaches with cocoa butter. Queen Marie-Antoinette is seduced by these chocolate medallions which she calls “Pistoles de Marie-Antoinette”. Indeed, the queen was often overwhelmed by painful headaches, and was reluctant to take her medicines, the taste of which repelled her. Sulpice Debauve therefore decided to innovate: the pharmacist mixed the remedy with cocoa butter. This tasty invention delighted Marie-Antoinette who baptized these chocolate medallions “Pistoles de Marie-Antoinette”. The first chewable chocolate was born !

Official chocolatier of Louis XVI

After the title of official chocolatier of Louis XVI, Sulpice Debauve obtained the Chocolatier patent from the First Consul Napoleon Bonaparte. He joins forces with his nephew, Jean-Baptiste Auguste Gallais, to create the House that will bear their two names. The first boutique opened its doors in May, rue Saint-Dominique (Paris 7th). He then launched his Croquamandes which became one of the favorite treats of Emperor Napoleon 1st. For the first time, dried fruits, in this case almonds, are mixed with chewable chocolate. In homage to Marcel Proust, whom the house counted as one of its most fervent customers, the chocolate factory decided to launch its version of Proust’s madeleines in 1922.

Debauve & Gallais

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