Coming to Angers is an invitation to the heart of a city rich in exceptional heritage : the castles but also sumptuous monuments.

Here are the monuments not to be missed in Angers :

1. The Apocalypse tapestry, a monumental work Did you know that the largest medieval tapestry in the world is at the Château d’Angers! Commissioned in 1375 by Louis 1st of Anjou, this monumental work illustrates the historical, social and political context of 14th century France. Made of wool using the tapestry technique, it measures 103 meters long and 4.5 meters high.

2. The Château d’Angers, in the footsteps of King René When we talk to you about Angers, we necessarily talk to you about its castle, and its 17 massive towers of shale and sandstone. It is one of the must-see monuments in Angers. You will be charmed by its gardens and the view offered by the fortress over the city. Do not leave without having seen the tapestry of the Apocalypse.

3. Saint-Maurice Cathedral, a slender silhouette A testament to Angevin Gothic art, admire its facade from the bottom of the steps of Montée Saint-Maurice. The cathedral has preserved old stained glass windows from the 12th century and an impressive treasure of tapestries, pieces of religious goldsmithery…

4. David d’Angers gallery

An exceptional blend of modernity and 13th century architecture. This abbey covered with a contemporary glass roof enhances the reliefs and volumes of the works of the sculptor David d’Angers.

5. Jean-Lurçat Museum of Contemporary Tapestry, a sumptuous place full of history A witness to French hospital architecture, Saint-Jean Hospital is one of the exceptional heritage monuments of Angers. The large ward houses Jean Lurçat’s “Song of the World”, a set of ten tapestries bursting with poetic colors.

6. Saint-Martin collegiate church, one of the best preserved Carolingian monuments in France Destroyed, then rebuilt, discover the magnificent restoration work of this monument. Admire around the nave many sculptures from the churches and chapels of Anjou and do not miss the vestiges of Antiquity such as the archaeological crypt. Also take advantage of the artistic program of the place to discover it, concerts and exhibitions punctuate the seasons.

7. The castle of Plessis-Bourré

Preserved in a natural setting, this castle between the Middle Ages and the Renaissance surrounded by moats has many surprises in store for you. In the company of a passionate guide, cross the rooms of the castle and travel through its history and that of its owners.

8. Adam’s house, a sumptuous half-timbered house. In the heart of the city, this half-timbered house is the most remarkable among the half-timbered houses still present in Angers. Look up to discover its decor, sculpted woodwork and statues adorn the building. Not to be missed during your walk in Angers!

9. The large theater in Place du Ralliement Passing through this square is essential, it is the meeting point for all Angevins. If this place is also appreciated, it is in particular thanks to the superb facade of the large theater, carved in the white stone that is the tufa. It is an emblematic monument of the city.

10. The Château de Brissac

A high place in the history of France Still inhabited by the Cossé Brissac family, the Château de Brissac, rich in two hundred rooms, offers superb gilded leaf ceilings, tapestries, precious furniture, a delightful theater and above all monumental facades for the highest castle in France and Europe!

The Top 10 is over, but we had to tell you about these monuments that you can’t visit all year round but which are just as extraordinary. La Maison Bleue, an exceptional mosaic decor Typical of the Art Deco period, this building offers many unique mosaic details, a major example in this style. Made by Isidore Odorico, a mosaic artist from Rennes, its facade is completely covered with mosaic.

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