The French ski stations will also be impacted by the energy crisis, a sobriety plan has just been announced by the government.

French ski stations

A sobriety plan

The winter holidays promise to be less snowy than expected. Slower ski lifts, cooler swimming pools, dining room at 19 degrees : this winter, holidaymakers will also be affected by the energy sobriety plan presented this Thursday, October 6 by the government. “We are going to propose to adapt the speed of the ski lifts according to attendance”, announced Alexandre Meulin, president of the ski areas, during the presentation of the energy sobriety plan by the government. GPS will also be installed on the blades of snow groomers to reduce their consumption. Drivers are also trained in the eco-driving of grooming machines.

less artificial snow in French ski stations

Professionals in the sector have also announced that they want to produce less artificial snow, the second item of electricity consumption (25%), without giving further details. But they are also counting on the efforts of holidaymakers who will be asked to set the temperature in their hotel rooms or accommodation to 19 degrees. The temperature will be the same in establishments such as restaurants or cafes. In addition, the temperature of the swimming pools will be lowered by one degree. This sobriety plan aims to prevent the risk of shortages this winter in France, without Russian gas and with many nuclear reactors shut down.

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