Cognac Louis XIII was created in 1874 and has since become with Its Baccarat Crystal Carafe, the archetype of the luxury item.

Aged between 40 and 100 years

Cognac Louis XIII is a blend of more than 1,200 Eaux-de-vie exclusively from Grande Champagne Premier Cru de Cognac and aged between 40 and 100 years. All contained in a Baccarat Crystal Carafe, a replica of a gourd found during the Battle of Jarnac. Carefully followed by four generations of Cellar Masters, Cognac Louis XIII is the work of centuries-old know-how passed down from generation to Cellar Master.

The French Art de Vivre

Exclusively from the Grande Champagne cru, classified as the premier cru of Cognac, Cognac Louis XIII has been since its origins in 1874 an ambassador of the French Art de Vivre. It is the Cognac par excellence that allows you to travel through time. Since its creation, Louis XIII has been on all the great tables of Europe and the world. Louis XIII accompanied the great voyages that marked history and the royal dinners of the great international courts. Served on the legendary Orient-Express or on board the Concorde, at the banquet of Queen Elizabeth in Versailles or at the Universal Exhibition in Paris, this exceptional cognac has traveled around the world many times and, through its character, shines unique, the idea of ​​French savoir-vivre.

Adorned with the royal symbol

A true luxury item, it is presented in a decanter mouth-blown by the greatest master glassmakers in Europe. Each crystal carafe adorned with fleur-de-lys, a royal symbol, requires the patient work of 11 crystal craftsmen. Each of them is numbered, attesting to its uniqueness. Its emblematic lines enhanced with a 20-carat gold collar and adorned with 10 laces on each side are inspired by a flask dating from the 16th century, found on the site of the Battle of Jarnac and acquired, a few centuries later, by Paul -Émile Rémy Martin, creator of Louis XIII. A true work of art, symbol of a precious tradition, Louis XIII cognac should be tasted slowly. All the senses are involved. The view, the nose, the mouth… Georges Clot, former cellar master, used to say « When you discover Louis XIII, you become a different man ». Today it remains an archetype of the luxury item, which we often see appearing in rap clips in particular. He is, for many people of this generation, a symbol of success.

*Alcoohol abuse is dangerous for health*

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