Jeanne Added releases her third album in which she sings in French. Back on the faultless course of this French singer.

jeanne added

Female artist of the year

The general public discovered Jeanne Added three years ago. On the Victoires de la Musique stage, Jeanne Added delivered an intense performance of her song Radiate. Dressed all in black, hair peroxidized in battle, she ran in all directions, boxed the air, and literally harangued the public. The performance was crowned with two trophies, Rock Album and Female Artist of the Year, which rewarded an already well-rounded career. She returns with her third album, born during the first confinement in 2020. A more intimate, meticulous journey where the artist adopts French for good in his musical identity, as much as English.

Songs in French

To launch her third album, Jeanne Added definitively adopts the song in French, with the single “Au Revoir“, a pop and melancholy gem. After unveiling a brand new title last June, the very pop Hey Boy, Jeanne Added is back today with this new extract from her new album. Au Revoir, the second piece of his repertoire to be entirely in French, is presented in an original form to say the least: two distinct clips, with on the one hand a so-called expected version (expected), and on the other hand an unexpected version. (unexpected), more restrained. Described by the artist as “the home stretch to the album”, the track seems clearly under the influence of cold wave and is very reminiscent of the latest experiments by Christine and the Queens.

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