Blaise Pascal ‘s quotes places the man in front of himself and makes an observation of emptiness and vacuity. Here are some of them :

Blaise Pascal ‘s quotes :

“Telling the truth is useful to the one to whom it is told, but disadvantageous to those who tell it, because they make themselves hated. “

“The heart has its reasons that reason does not know. The truth is so obscure in these times and the lie so established, that unless you love the truth, you cannot recognize it. “

“Too much youth and too much old age hinders the spirit. “

“Man is only a reed, the weakest in nature; but it is a thinking reed. The whole universe must not arm itself to crush it: a vapor, a drop of water, is enough to kill it. But, when the universe would crush him, man would be even more noble than what kills him, because he knows that he is dying, and the advantage that the universe has over him, the universe does not don’t know anything. “

“The only thing that consoles us for our miseries is entertainment and yet it is the greatest of our miseries.”

” Force is the queen of the world and not opinion, but opinion is the one that uses force. “

“Our imagination so strongly enlarges the present time by dint of making continual reflections on it, and diminishes eternity so much, failing to reflect on it, that we make eternity a nothingness, and nothingness an eternity.”

Blaise Pascal and his famous quotes

Blaise Pascal ‘s quotes :

” You would soon have faith if you would have left the pleasures. Nature has perfections to show that she is the image of God, and defects to show that she is only the image of him.”

” No one speaks in our presence as he speaks in our absence. The union which is between men is founded only on this mutual deception.”

” Jesus Christ is a God to whom we approach without pride and under whom we humble ourselves without despair.”

“There is no good in this life except the hope of another life.”

“It is much more beautiful to know something of everything than to know everything of one thing.”

“Anything that has been weak can never be absolutely strong. ”

“Man is full of needs: he loves only those who can fulfill them all.” That a life is happy when it begins with love and ends with ambition. If I had to choose one, I would take this one.”

“What vanity is painting which attracts admiration by the resemblance of things, whose originals we do not admire !”

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