Do you want to celebrate Halloween in Paris? The Manoir de Paris is a must for shivering with family or friends…

Halloween in Paris

A haunted manor

At n° 18, rue du Paradis in Paris, there is a haunted Manor which has nothing angelic about it. It is the haunt of Parisian ghosts and other creatures of hell who have fun making lovers of cold sweats tremble. In a prestigious listed residence, the Manoir de Paris brings some twenty Parisian legends up to date. From the ogress of the Goutte d’Or, to the Phantom of the Opera, passing by the bloodthirsty barber, you will discover the most famous assassins of Paris. Watch out, they waiting at the entrance, so watch your back… Immersed in the extremely realistic settings of the crime scenes on 3 floors, the tragic events that took place there will be told to you in a voice from beyond the grave by disturbing hosts.

Professional actors

A unique theatrical experience where the terrible secrets of the capital are brought to life by 35 professional actors. On the 3rd floor, the Royal Hôtel Paradis opens its doors to you, but it won’t be to rest. The customers who stay there will give you a welcome that you will not soon forget! For Halloween, Friday the 13th or Valentine’s Day, put on your vampire capes, mingle with the monsters and discover an even more terrifying spectacle. The Manoir de Paris welcomes visitors of all ages, but the visit is not recommended for children under 10 (and under 12 for Halloween).

Le Manoir Hanté

18 Paradise Street 75010 Paris 10th

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