A breathtaking new panoramic restaurant opens its doors in a few days in Paris. The TOO Restaurant offers an exceptional view of Paris.

A panoramic restaurant

A heavenly break

It is at the TOO Restaurant in a spectacular setting that Chef Benjamin Six, surrounded by other talents, offers you inspired, contemporary and cosmopolitan world cuisine, mixing flavors, influences and desires. From this panoramic restaurant, nestled in a glass cube 100 meters high, the Eiffel Tower, Notre-Dame, the Seine and the Sacré-Coeur come to life to the rhythm of the sun. From sunrise to sunset, all year round, the TOO Restaurant offers a heavenly break. The panoramic restaurant is located in a 6 meter high glass cube with a golden ceiling, within one of the Duo Towers. To find out, you will have to climb to the 25th floor of this building which has 27 floors with the TacTac Skybar on the rooftop.

A decoration by Philippe Starck

Concerning the decoration and the design, the hand was given to Philippe Starck who imagined a space inspired by the Aircraft of the Montgolfier brothers and the International Space Station. It was also thought of as a castle in the sky: “It’s the story of a castle suspended above Paris… A place where anything can happen. As it is levitating, it causes a euphoric effect. Inside, you are more beautiful, more in love, more creative. This castle is filled with energy, dreams, love, desires, intelligence and laughter. He flies up there, where the weather is nice, where the rare oxygen stuns. Of course, as in all castles, there are mysterious things happening there. But still very poetic. declared Philippe Starck. As for the cuisine, this panoramic restaurant will offer a world menu. We therefore expect to make our taste buds travel. This place will be open to us all day long, from breakfast to a romantic dinner, with the sunset as a backdrop, to a convivial lunch with your head in the clouds.

Too Restaurant

65 rue Bruneseau, 75013 Paris

Email: contact@toohotel.com

Telephone: +33 (0) 01 78 90 79 90

Le Restaurant

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