The Butte Bergeyre is a place unknown to tourists and yet full of charm. In addition to its pretty streets, the district offers a breathtaking view of Paris.

Butte Bergeyre

Sweetness of life

In the shadow of the most famous Buttes Montmartre and Chaumont, the Butte Bergeyre offers a breathtaking panorama of Paris. Perched 100 meters above sea level, this small atypical district displays a certain sweetness of life : small houses and housing estates on a human scale, a shared garden, vineyards… La Butte Bergeyre is difficult to access and that is what makes all its charm. The district can be reached on foot via rue Georges Lardennois or by two long staircases which remind us of how steeply the district climbs. This hill made up of small cobbled streets is located close to the Parc des Buttes-Chaumont.

The name of famous rugby player

In the 17th century, the mound was still covered with mills and it was not until the 1900s that the first large-scale constructions, in particular a large hospital and an amusement park, were established here. In 1918, the “Robert Bergeyre” stadium was inaugurated there, named after a famous rugby player of the time; the stadium even hosted the 1924 Olympic Games ! A year later, the land on the mound, which took the name of “Bergeyre”, was sold to a property developer. The individual houses that we know today were then built.

A view on the Sacré-Coeur

The walker walks the streets Georges Lardennois, Philippe-Hecht and Barrelet-de-Ricou and discovers an unknown district of Paris with the air of a village. A calm and timeless place that can be discovered throughout the day, but which is all the more breathtaking at sunset. After stopping on the small bench at the end of rue Rémy-de-Gourmont and having discovered the most beautiful view of the capital on the Sacré-Coeur de Montmartre, we advise you to go down again by the small staircase located at the corner rue Philippe Hecht and rue Berrelet de Ricou. You will then fall directly on the Buttes-Chaumont.

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