Sandrine Kiberlain ends this very prolific year with a funny and wacky film: “Le Parfum Vert” (” The Green Perfume”) by Nicolas Pariser.

Sandrine Kiberlain

A comedy not devoid of gravity

Sandrine Kiberlain interprets a role that resembles her in “Le parfum vert”. Between comedy and spy story, Nicolas Pariser leads the viewer into a delirious fiction where, with impertinence, he pays tribute to the great masters who, in all genres, have honored fantasy: Ernst Lubitsch, Jean-Paul Rappeneau or Hergé … Colorful, light, but not devoid of gravity, often funny and always very clever, Le Parfum Vert is the comedy of this end of the year. The film begins when an actor is murdered on the stage of the Comédie-Française, in full performance. His last words: “I’ve been poisoned, the Green Perfume.” Martin (Vincent Lacoste), one of the actors of the troop, direct witness of this assassination begins to be pursued by the mysterious organization which ordered the murder. Helped by a cartoonist, Claire, Martin then seeks to elucidate the mystery of this violent death during a very eventful trip to Europe.

Sandrine Kiberlain

The terrible questioning that haunts the miraculous

But behind the humor of the “Green Perfume” all the current anxiety emerges implicitly with the rise of conspiracies, nationalisms and also that of anti-Semitism, a subject that is close to the heart of Sandrine Kiberlain because of her Jewish origins : “I grew up with the story of my 4 grandparents, Polish Jews who arrived in France in the 1930s. They miraculously escaped the Shoah, thanks to exceptional people who helped them, hidden during the war… I guess I inherited their life force, but also that terrible questioning that haunts the miraculous, those who wonder why they escaped this horror” she confided to the newspaper Figaro Madame.

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