The filmmaker Tsai Ming-Liang offers a new exhibition, in parallel with the complete retrospective of his films.

 Tsai Ming-Liang

The leader of the second Taiwanese New Wave

Tsai Ming-Liang is considered the leader of the second Taiwanese New Wave. “Une Quète”, the exhibition proposed by filmmaker Tsai Ming-Liang, offers both an immersive experience at the heart of materiality (from film to water via crumpled paper), a public performance, and the presentation of the latest, yet unreleased, installment of the Walker Films series, Where. The film, exceptionally shot at the Center Pompidou, features Lee Kang-Sheng, the filmmaker’s favorite actor, alongside Laotian actor Anong Houngheuangsy. Started in 2012 and counting nine parts to date, the Walker Films are a reflective work on the notion of slowness, in which the actor Lee Kang-Sheng evolves in vast urban landscapes.

An immersive experience

In 2003, Tsai Ming-Liang directed the unforgettable Goodbye, Dragon Inn, a nostalgic and passionate ode to the power of cinema. Through eleven feature films to date, numerous short films and films for television, each mixing a form of aesthetic asceticism with formal attempts sometimes revisiting the genre, the filmmaker from Taiwan depicts his island as a territory of hallucination. For nearly thirty years, he has fetishized the mute strength of his double and actor, Lee Kang-Sheng, to better tell the incommunicability between men and the desire which alone allows them to escape, from The Hole, in 1998, to La Saveur de la pastèque, in 2005, via Les Chiens serrants, in 2013. The filmmaker presents all of his films as well as a major new exhibition, A Quest. For more than ten years, Tsai Ming-Liang has started an important plastic work, still unpublished in Europe. Here he develops his obsessions, the reflection he leads on the notion of slowness, already at the heart of his work, further sublimated by the reality of the last two confined years. It also offers the ninth unreleased opus in the Walker Films series, shot at the Center Pompidou. An immersive experience at the heart of different materials, from film to crumpled paper.
25 Nov 2022 – 2 Jan 2023
11 a.m. – 9 p.m., daily except Tuesdays

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