Norah Jones will be performing at the famous Jazz in Marciac festival on July 28th, a big event for all her fans in France !

One of the most popular albums of the 21st century

Norah Jones marciac

Norah Jones is the story of a young singer, songwriter and songwriter who rose from anonymity to fame at just 23 years old, releasing “Come Away With Me“, one of the most popular albums of the 21st century and becoming one of the figures of the legendary jazz label Blue Note. Norah Jones’ universe goes far beyond jazz and the rest of her career has given her the opportunity to show how much she also loves country, pop and folk, in her own music as well as through collaborations with artists as various as Willie Nelson, Herbie Hancock, Q-Tip, the Foo Fighters or the Dirty Dozen Brass Band… swing stretched out on the mattress that 23 million copies sold can provide, a pleasant memory she keeps of her first album !

Her father on the main stage

At the same time so close to jazz and so far from it, the multi-award winning singer whose serene and detached voice is the antidote to stress and violence has just marked her return to the fold with “Pick Me Up Off The Floor“. an unexpected, fresh album with refined swing. There is no doubt that the one who was raised in the love of all musical cultures thanks to the benevolent magisterium of her father Ravi Shankar will come to tread the main stage of the festival like a goddess coming to address the multitude of her fans with the language of the heart. .

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