Simone de Beauvoir ‘s quotes are a reflection of her fight for women, every word is thought for them… Here are some of them :

Simone de Beauvoir quotes

Simone de Beauvoir quotes

“We are not born a woman: we become one.”

“Woman is all that man calls for and all that he does not reach.”

“No one is more arrogant towards women, more aggressive or contemptuous, than a man worried about his virility. “

“The happy couple who recognize themselves in love defy the universe and time; he is self-sufficient, he realizes the absolute.”

“The mystery of the incarnation is repeated in every woman; every child that is born is a God becoming man.”

“The present is not a potential past, it is the moment of choice and action.”

“A woman who is not afraid of men scares them, said a young man to me.”

Simone de Beauvoir quotes : the first feminist writer

“The woman is not the victim of any mysterious fatality: we must not conclude that her ovaries condemn her to live eternally on her knees.”

“In every tear lingers a hope.”

“Woman is doomed to immorality because morality consists for her in incarnating an inhuman entity: the strong woman, the admirable mother, the honest woman, etc.”

“It was easier for me to think of a world without a creator than a creator charged with all the contradictions of the world.”

“If I pretended to assume the consequences of my actions ad infinitum, I could no longer want anything. ”

“Humanity is a discontinuous series of free men irremediably isolated by their subjectivity. ”

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