Tim Burton, the Labyrinth” is an immersive and fun experience, for everyone, in the cult universe of the filmmaker.

Tim burton the labyrinth

300 different routes

After a remarkable passage in Madrid, “Tim Burton, The Labyrinth” arrives at the heart of the Parc de la Villette from May 19, 2023.
In the program ? A 5000 m² labyrinth offering more than 300 different routes to find your way around. And of course, you have to expect everything from the director who has a real cult to the surrealist universe. Thus, you will be able to come across some statuettes more real than life in the effigy of characters directly taken from the films. You can also stroll through the sets of Noces Funèbres, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory or Alice in Wonderland and many others, as if you were one of the characters.

Tim burton the labyrinth

On the initiative of Tim Burton himself.

This exhibition was created on the initiative of Tim Burton himself. Moreover, it is the director who designed the labyrinth in which you will be able to see images that he drew with his own hand. As a bonus, he invites you to live fully in his universe by playing cult soundtracks and offering you a direct and real vision of the sets and costumes directly taken from his films. In the Spanish capital, the experiment met with enormous success and now it is settling in the heart of Paris.
With more than 300 possible itineraries, The Labyrinth promises upon entering a journey into the inner world of filmmaker Tim Burton : from Alice in Wonderland to Mars Attacks! passing by The Nightmare Before Christmas or even Charlie and La Chocolaterie and Beetlejuice.
An unmissable event designed for young and old alike, it is a hundred original works by the director that await the visitor throughout a playful, colorful and enchanting journey.

In the Paris, the exhibition will begin on May 19, at Parc de la Villette and will end on August 20, 2023.


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