Solid perfume by Sabé Masson is an innovative Parisian perfume house with a unique mastery and remarkable know-how.

solid perfume

A Parisian brand

In its studio based in the heart of Paris, the entire Sabé Masson team works to offer an exceptional perfume, whether in terms of packaging, fragrance, natural composition or the story of the emotions it conveys. . His wish: a beautiful perfume that smells good for the pleasure of all the senses.
The brand develops each treatment by deeply respecting its fundamental values, which are respect for the planetary ecosystem, living organisms and cultures. It favors a close and fulfilling collaboration with its artists, craftsmen and cosmetologists. It also collaborates with suppliers committed to preserving the planet and protecting human rights.

solid perfume

The Soft Perfume of Maison Sabé Masson

Rich in its remarkable & innovative know-how, the French brand Sabé Masson has put forward the unique concept of Soft Perfume meaning “Perfume of Care“. In addition to delicately perfuming, each perfume is a real care for the skin. It intensely nourishes the epidermis thanks to its natural ingredients such as shea butter and vegetable oils. Without alcohol or chemical components, it offers a clean and skin-friendly formula. The brand offers Soft Perfume in two versions: solid care perfume in galenic form and/or liquid care perfume.

solid perfume

Sabé Masson solid perfumes

The Sabé Masson solid perfume is a true nectar of perfume with a thousand virtues which slips on the skin. In a single gesture, it envelops the different areas of the body with a natural & exquisite scent (wrists, hollow of the arms, back of the knees, neck, nape of the neck, pulse points) while taking care of the skin. A beauty accessory that is easy to carry thanks to its magnificent ecological & light packaging. All solid care perfumes are designed, created, formulated and manufactured in France.

A combination of delicious scents

A true combination of delicious scents and natural cosmetic ingredients, this pretty solid perfume stick is available in several fragrances. Each fragrance awakens our olfactory senses and transports us into its atmosphere by revealing the uniqueness of its nuances (top, heart and base notes). It allows you to subtly express your personality and reconnect with your essence.

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