The climate emergency is an increasingly important theme today, it is the subject of a major photographic exhibition.

 climate emergency
 climate emergency photography

Highlights the work of NGOs

Climate disruption, pollution, drought and even food shortages are increasingly important themes today. Climate change spares no one and its impacts are likely to increase in the future. For its second edition, the Photoclimat Biennale, a photographic event to raise awareness of the environmental cause and envision the world of tomorrow, highlights the work of NGOs and local populations through various exhibitions visible in Paris.

 climate emergency photographer
 climate emergency paris

The climatic suffering experienced by the populations

The Climate emergency exhibition reveals what climate change imposes on men, women and children already affected by humanitarian crises, whether of political, social or economic origins. From Syria to Mali, via Myanmar, or even Lebanon… these photos tell the story of the climatic suffering experienced by the populations : lack of water, heat waves, droughts, floods… So many tragic climatic events which are taking place. add to their daily lives and force them, most of the time, to travel.

 climate emergency exhibition
 climate emergency urgences climatiques palais royal
 climate emergency

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