Aurélie Bidermann launched her jewelry brand in 2004. She now has several boutiques in Paris in the heart of Saint-Germain-des-Prés and rue Royale.

Aurélie Bidermann

Copyright Aurélie Bidermann

A very particular affinity for Paris, New York or Rio

Aurelie Bidermann Imagine a dream Paris from which you could freely leave and find it better afterwards. A poetic escapade between Haussmannian facades and tropical exuberance, the alleys of Montmartre and the Lower East Side, the Luxembourg gardens and the Amalfi Coast, Central Park and the Tuileries basin: this is the spirit of the Aurélie Bidermann house. Born in 2004, the Aurélie Bidermann brand is imbued with the DNA of its eponymous founder : the taste for traveling to distant sunny lands, vacations on the shores of the Mediterranean, with its shores and its secret nooks and also a very particular affinity for Paris, New York or Rio…

Aurélie Bidermann

An affirmed creative sensitivity

Inspired by painting, photography and architecture, Maison Aurélie Bidermann has brilliantly adapted the style of girls who quickly fall under the spell of fashionable creations. Jewelry is thought of as a true accessory, an adornment that becomes the highlight of an outfit: it is the mark of a style, of a claimed allure. Paris and its elsewhere, such is the creative crucible of the house, boosted by a very Parisian sense and a coquetry which boasts as much beauty as lightness. This spirit infuses the Aurélie Bidermann collections which follow the rhythm of fashion and those who wear it have an affirmed creative sensitivity. In Paris, Left Bank in 2012 and Right Bank in 2017, Maison Aurélie Bidermann offers its collections real settings, cozy spaces where we like to come to escape. When the first boutique saw the light of day, in the heart of Saint-Germain-des-Prés, it was, more than a sales space, a Parisian “four-walled story” of course, where the Amalfi Coast and the taste of the Capri party. On the Right Bank, the boutique on Rue Royale is designed like an old French residence evoking the Provençal houses of the 20th century.

With its celestial motifs set in the tiger’s eye, the star of the Thania collection, a secret signature, is written on the reverse of each piece. Her asymmetrical earrings subtly combine caramel tones with the solar soul of gold metal. An allusion to the rich history of spices, star anise flower appears in seasonal variations.

Major emblem of Cleopatra’s country, the scarab reappears with Olfa jewelry. Cuff, necklace, imposing earrings that are sure to stand out: here, the shards of gold combine with the intense blue of lapis lazuli, like a night sky watching over the pyramids of Giza.

The Nawal line presents the ladybug in a ring, cuff and drop earrings, a nod to Egypt • Composition Delicately studded ivory bakelite

This iconic piece of jewelry from the Aurélie Bidermann jewelry collection contains precious or fine stones which move and jostle with the movements of the wearer, thus releasing their precious reflections with refinement. 750/1000 yellow gold cable chain sold separately. • Composition Baby Chivor medallion made of two sealed sapphire glasses and rimmed with 750/1000 yellow gold containing “rose cut” diamonds.


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