Visiting Paris in a Citroën 2cv, the emblematic car of France, is an unmissable experience to do when you come to visit the capital.

Citroën 2CV tour in Paris

The legendary Citroen two horses

Traveling around Paris in a Citroen 2CV with driver… so French, isn’t it ? Immerse yourself in the legendary Citroen two horses (2CV), its history and its . Every day, without exception, from 10:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m., a driver behind the wheel of a two-horse will pick you up wherever you want in Paris (hotel, museum exit, restaurant, Moulin Rouge exit, and many other places …), to invite you to spend a magical moment. The 2CV (two horses) is the legendary car and essential icon of French culture, like the Eiffel Tower, the man with the beret, or champagne. Coming to visit Paris without taking a ride in a 2CV is a bit like going to New York and not going to see the Statue of Liberty…

A symbol of freedom and leisure

The 2 CV Citroën was for millions of French people a symbol of freedom and leisure. It is because great geniuses like Jules Vernes, Gustave Eifel, or Mr Citroën were visionaries that today a magnificent ride in a 2 CV is possible. And today, it is possible to discover Paris, in this adorable car which will amaze you with its originality and its mythical and unforgettable noise. A moment of pure magic awaits you, with a glass of typically French wine, the most famous in the world… champagne, as effervescent as this very pretty stroll through Paris. As Dom Pérignon (creator of champagne) said: “Come quickly, I taste the stars…” Paris 2 CV visit tells you: “Come and enjoy the 2 CV and a glass of champagne, for a stroll and a return in time, to find the stars of Paris.”

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