The French President Emmanuel Macron convened on September 25, a new ecological planning council at the Elysée.

The French President Macron by the photographer Elisabeth Perotin
The French president Emmanuel Macron – Copyright photo : Elisabeth Perotin

“one million heat pumps”

The French President Emmanuel Macron wants to “build a French-style ecology”. To this end, the Head of State announced a series of objectives this Monday, following an Ecological Planning Council at the Elysée. France will have to produce “one million heat pumps” by the end of the five-year term, tripling the current level, announced the French president. “We have decided (…) to develop an industrial sector of heat pumps which is a formidable lever of substitution, much less consuming and emitting, to triple the production of heat pumps by 2027, and therefore to achieve produce a million heat pumps in our territory, while at the same time training 30,000 installers,” declared the President of the Republic.

The exit from coal

In his speech, Emmanuel Macron recalled numerous choices already announced, such as the exit from coal, postponed to 2027, or the production “on French soil” of a million electric cars by 2027. measures aimed at the objective of reducing greenhouse gas emissions, responsible for global warming, by 55% by 2030 compared to 1990 levels. And in November the system for leasing electric cars will be presented at 100 euros per month, which will start with only a few tens of thousands of vehicles in 2024 to give the French and European sector time to gain momentum in the face of Chinese models. The second five-year term “will be ecological or it will not be”, launched the man whose first term had disappointed environmental defenders and who was to try to rally left-wing voters against Marine Le Pen. We hope that President Macron will keep his promises…

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