Officine Buly is a temple of historical beauty in Paris which inspired Honoré de Balzac in his novel Cesar Birotteau.

Officine Buly
Officine Buly

Awarded at the Universal Exhibitions

The story of Officine Buly begins in 1803 when Jean-Vincent Bully, a renowned Parisian perfumer, marked his time and the history of beauty with his “Toilet Vinegar”. The fruit of knowledge, talent but above all a love of cosmetics, this treatment seduced the “All-Paris” of the 19th century before going well beyond the borders of Europe. Since 1803, with audacity and precision, the Parisian institution founded by Jean-Vincent Bully has won votes with its innovative formulas. Awarded at the Universal Exhibitions of 1867 and 1878, the Parisian perfumer sets new trends.

Officine Buly

A universe which is inspired by the past

Today, Officine Buly extends and reinvents French beauty with the perfection of the past and the best of the present. “The racks filled with mushrooms and full of bottles delighted the eye of any merchant who knows the symptoms of prosperity” wrote Balzac in Scènes de la Vie Parisienne to describe the shop of a perfumer whose business was prospering. A description that perfectly matches the decor of 6 rue Bonaparte in Paris, the address of the company’s first boutique. Virginal Milk, Eau Superfine, perfumed balms and antique oils… This is what you can find at Buly, among others, all in pretty bottles with period illustrations. The pharmacy seduces with its boutiques but also with its universe which is inspired by the past while bringing it up to date thanks to modern techniques and which stands out.

A timeless experience

Imagined in Paris and formulated in a French laboratory, the treatments and perfumes developed by Officine Buly create an extraordinary and timeless experience. Combining natural ingredients and the teaching of ancient recipes with innovative technologies that shape contemporary cosmetics, they advocate personal, intimate and tailor-made beauty, for which everyone builds their own ritual and initiates their own actions. A beauty that invites you to take time for yourself, to discover each formula, each texture, each raw material or each tool to better make it your own. A functional beauty that never forgets the aesthetic aspect of a product, a bottle or an accessory whatever it may be. A humanized and reincarnated beauty, simply sincere. Today, Buly continues his travels around the world to continue to care for and beautify.

Officine Buly

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