Yuksek, the French DJ and producer returns this year with a fifth album, Dance’O’Drome : an anthem to dance and Brazil.


A lot of Brazilian inspiration

In Dance’O’Drome, Yuksek’s new album, there is the influence of disco, but also a lot of Brazilian inspiration : “There is everything in Brazilian music, it’s full of mixing, it’s is both jazz and bossa. It’s music that is both super simple, at first listen, and which is in fact very constructed, but without seeming so, so it’s quite seductive. And then after styles like batucada, which are very repetitive music, which create a trance which is important for electronic music. It’s a bottomless pit of groove. » Yuksek navigates his influences, choosing between nocturnal electronics and solar acoustics. What comes out is fresh and original, while complying with modern production standards.

yuksek dance-o drome

Some texts are in Portuguese

Yuksek recalls his love of Brazilian music while reconnecting with a sometimes darker dancefloor side. “It’s a collaborative album, with a lot of guests, featurings, artists for whom I wrote, too. I continue my exploration of Brazilian influences: some texts are in Portuguese, but also in Italian or English. We travel. It is also and above all a dance album. “says Yuksek (Pierre-Alexandre Busson, real name).

Over the years, alongside his albums, Yuksek has built a solid reputation as a producer. He has worked alongside big names in electro including Justice, Daft Punk, Birdy Nam Nam and Vitalic. A turntable prodigy, he has remixed hits by Gorillaz, Lady Gaga, Phoenix, Moby, Mika, The Gossip, Kaiser Chiefs and Wu Tang Clan.

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