Alexandre Jardin tells in his new novel, “Frêres”, the secret of his life: Emmanuel’s suicide, thirty years ago, and the guilt he felt afterwards.

A written tribute to his missing brother

In this intensely personal story, Alexandre Jardin addresses for the first time the mourning that brings back the past and disrupts the present. It discreetly traces the history of a family where the roles between parents and children are reversed, examines the duality of a boy who will ultimately succumb to death, and pays a written tribute to his missing brother. Indeed, on October 11, 1993, Emmanuel Jardin tragically ended his life. Three decades later, his brother Alexandre is confronted with the ghost of Emmanuel and the feeling of guilt of the one who remained alive.

Alexandre Jardin

One of the most popular French-speaking authors

“I avoided this book for about 30 years, until I found absolute love in a woman who gave me enough emotional security to dare to open the silence, and it takes a lot of security to venture into this genre of literature. » confided Alexandre Jardin to the house of Editions Albin Michel. Alexandre Jardin, winner of the Prix du Premier Novel and the Prix Femina, is one of the most popular French-speaking authors. His novels, including Le Zèbre, Fanfan, L’Ile des gauchers and Le Petit Sauvage, have captivated several generations of readers. His autobiographical stories, such as Le Roman des Jardin, Le Zubial and Des gens très bien, were also widely appreciated.

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