Miss Dior perfume” was launched at the same time as Christian Dior’s first couture collection. An eminently feminine fragrance that is in tune with the times.

Miss Dior perfume

Born in 1947

This iconic perfume, now known worldwide thanks to the collaborations of Sofia Coppola and Natalie Portman in the brand’s various advertisements, will soon celebrate its 80th anniversary. This recognizable fragrance is still as popular as when it first began, making it one of the most popular perfumes in the world of haute couture.

Miss Dior

The first perfume from the Christian Dior brand

Released in 1947, “Miss Dior is the first perfume from the Christian Dior brand. Because his sister Catherine loved flowers, Christian decided to dedicate his first perfume to her, because that was his sister’s nickname. For the creation of his first perfume, Christian Dior drew his inspiration from the gardens of his house in Granville, the place where he grew up. “Miss Dior” is a tribute to love and tenderness.

The fragrance of love

Radiant and timeless, “Miss Dior” is considered a luminous chypre floral. Despite the years and the different fashions, “Miss Dior” is still the olfactory representation of the elegance and class of the Dior house. When he created his perfume, Christian Dior wanted to rediscover the fragrance of love. The chypre scents of rose and jasmine made it an elegant and sophisticated feminine perfume, but above all resolutely romantic. “I created this perfume to dress every woman with a scent of desire, and to see all my dresses emerge from its bottle,” explains the creator.

A new concept : a couture perfume

Against the prevailing post-war gloom, the designer, still unknown to the general public, made his first fashion show and, in his own way, proclaimed his desire for renewal. “There aren’t enough colors !” Bring out more scarves! Spray more perfume ! » he exclaims during the final preparations for the salons at 30, avenue Montaigne, which are overflowing with flowers. Christian Dior therefore wants its first collection to be accompanied by the launch of a particular fragrance. He thus inaugurated a new concept, which would have a lasting impact on perfumery : couture perfume.

An immediate success

And, from his first show, he added a few drops of Miss Dior to each of his creations. An immediate success when it was marketed for the end-of-year holidays, the 283 bottles produced were immediately sold despite a price higher than the market. After several decades, Miss Dior gave birth to a variation : Miss Dior Chérie (2005), created by Christine Nagel. This composition was soon remodeled by François Demachy. On this occasion, the variation takes the name Miss Dior. The original perfume, designed by Christian Dior, was in turn renamed. Having become Miss Dior Original, the fragrance remains the emblematic feminine essence of Dior. Beyond its commercial success, Miss Dior occupies a special place in the history of perfumery. This fragrance established couture perfume, a true style exercise in which the most prestigious brands indulge.

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