With the YVES SAINT LAURENT – FORMES exhibition, the modernity of the designer Yves Saint Laurent finds a new echo.

designer Yves Saint Laurent

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Forty models, haute couture and ready-to-wear

Through a spatial arrangement, the artist Claudia Wieser dialogues with textile pieces and graphic arts from the Museum’s collections. The exhibition presents around forty models, haute couture and ready-to-wear, accessories and sketches, which resonate with the settings and works of the German artist. This original experience definitively places the genius of the couturier in our contemporary era. A great couturier, Yves Saint Laurent never stopped inventing shapes. From 1958, artistic director at Christian Dior, he affirmed his modernity by signing the “Trapèze” line.

designer Yves Saint Laurent

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Geometric silhouettes

This geometric silhouette becomes iconic and is part of fashion history. “I think that the main element (…) is a return to trends that were until now a little forgotten, that is to say simplicity, naturalness and flexibility. » – Interview with Yves Saint Laurent by André Parinaud, 1959, INA From the 1960s, his creations combine simplicity of cut, rigor of lines and frankness of colors. His works echo modern artistic trends, simple and geometric abstraction, constructivism, concrete art, so many chapters which let us discover the contrasting talent of the designer Yves Saint Laurent. Radical, the couturier executes minimal dresses and monochrome combinations as if sprung from a single stroke.

Designer Yves Saint Laurent plays with geometry

At the foundation of his art, the precision of the gesture can be discerned. A colorist, he imagines abstract compositions, between purity and exuberance, born from the assembly of flat surfaces in vibrant hues. Transposing the pictorial material into textile material, he thus balances color, shape, surface and line. An illusionist, he opposes black to white to create, through optical games, movement in clothing. By using solid color or simple lines, the shape prevails over the color. The designer finally wants to be playful and plays with geometries, assembling colored prisms like so many fragments with bold partitioning. Curves or right angles, spheres or broken lines, this round of shapes is brought to life by the German artist Claudia Wieser who pays particular attention to color and shape.

Influenced by the work of Wassily Kandinsky

Influenced by the work of Wassily Kandinsky and Paul Klee, intuitive and spiritual, the artist explores geometric constructions of modernist inspiration. Known for her immersive and contemplative installations, Wieser offers a total experience here. For the YVES SAINT LAURENT – FORMES project, she presents a set of pieces, some of which have never been seen before.


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