François-Régis Gaudry, renowned culinary critic, gives us his secret culinary addresses in Paris in his new book : Let’s eat paris

The Paris gourmet encyclopedia

Did you know that it was in Paris that the restaurant, the royal couscous, the waiter, the egg and mayo, the preserve, the Greek fries, the baguette, the Wallace fountain, the ham were invented in Paris ? butter, bloody mary, Nouvelle Cuisine, macaron, cheese naan, Normandy sole and bistronomy? For his fourth book and surrounded by his faithful “crust companions”, François-Régis Gaudry sinks his teeth into the world capital of gastronomy. We are going to taste, it is above all the France Inter gastronomic show which brings together nearly 2 million listeners every Sunday at 11 a.m. It gave birth to successful books: We will taste, We will taste France and We will taste Italy. More than 500,000 copies have been sold to date.

Capital of world gastronomy

This new book is dedicated to a city : Paris! Capital of world gastronomy, first tourist destination in the world and favorite playground of François-Régis Gaudry. What more relevant choice?

We are going to taste Paris is both…

A repertoire of recipes that cook up 88 Parisian classics, from veal blanquette to Saint-Honoré, including croque-monsieur and Bercy sauce.

• A guide to the culinary scene compiling 2,050 addresses of restaurants and food shops.

• A tasting notebook of the best burgers, mayo eggs, pizzas, steak tartares, millefeuilles, macaroons, etc.

• An inventory of 55 local products from the Ile-de-France region: Pontoise cabbage, Argenteuil asparagus, Gâtinais honey, Meaux brie, etc.

• A vast encyclopedia which recounts in 255 subjects the places, people and historical events which have shaped Parisian gastronomy.

• We will taste Paris brought together 148 contributors, illustrators and photographers.

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