Homemade Easter chocolate

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I have always been tempted to make my own chocolates for my children. First to be able to choose organic chocolate and then to give free rein to my creativity. So here is a white chocolate bunny made for my daughter. I have a whole bunch of silicone molds in my cupboards which I hardly ever use, so I thought that this would be the occasion to use them to create the different parts of my rabbit.

I used a spherical mold to create the body, then I welded the two parts of the mold by melting them for a second on a hot stove. Ditto for the head but with smaller spherical molds. For the ears, I used heart-shaped molds welded in the same way for the body and the head. I made the eyes and the mouth by dropping on a sheet of parchment paper a few drops of chocolate which I then left to harden in the refrigerator. The small balls above the mouths are just rolled up with sugar paste. And some smarties on the stomach for the buttons.

The label "Eat me" is taken from an old book from Alice in Wonderland which I have reworked (I am also a graphic designer).
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