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A breath of emotion seizes us in front of the Butte market and it is with the greatest joy that we find ourselves in awe at the foot of Amélie Poulain’s epic grocery store which comes to life in front of us. The boss, Ali, is indeed a mischievous magician who knew how to save the scenery and give shape to the unforgettable atmosphere of the film. From the blazing green storefront to the iron sign flying the Collignon flag, from the garden gnomes to the reception to the double fruit stall, nothing is missing except perhaps an accordion tune to make us want to listen to its murmur. And, to finish reassuring the suspicious tourist, Ali has dressed a shop window with press clippings paying tribute to his modest shop which has become a timeless place of worship for cinema around the world.

Le marché de la butte, the grocery store were Amelie's movie was shot

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