The story of the ghost of the Opéra Garnier has traveled the whole world and is still intriguing, let’s go back to the story of this famous pianist named Ernest …

Opera of Paris

The Phantom of the Opera Garnier is the story of a little boy named Ernest who was orphaned in 1863. Indeed, his mother, a famous dancer at the Paris Opera, died following serious burns. by one of the opera’s gas ramps. A few years later, Ernest, now a virtuoso pianist, falls in love with an opera ballerina. However, ten years later, fate is fierce. The hall on rue Pelletier caught fire during a ballet rehearsal. Ernest sees his beloved die before his eyes … Everyone believes him dead after the collapse of the building and yet strange events occur at the Palais Garnier.

The birth of the ghost

From morning till night, the ghost of Ernest seems to haunt the palace. While the sound of a piano echoes in a rehearsal room at night, a double bass player notices one morning that someone has corrected his score. Now that could only be a music expert like pianist Ernest. On May 20, 1896, in the splendor of the Palais Garnier, the large chandelier in the hall was taken down and killed a spectator during a performance of Gounod’s Faust. Legend has it that this spectator was seated in seat number 13.

Series of strange phenomena

Subsequently, a series of strange phenomena accredit the presence of the ghost: a machinist is found hanged, we could have concluded a suicide, except that the rope is missing! Shortly after, a dancer died after falling from a gallery. But, stranger still, a young singer, Christine Daaé, soprano, would have said to have met the famous Phantom of the Opera. She will become his favorite, and he will give her singing lessons, posing as the Angel of Music. Last unusual anecdote, the directors of the time were contacted by an individual demanding that he be given 20,000 francs per month and that he reserve box number 5 … (a box still visible today at the Opera! )

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