Did you know that Napoleon was a wine lover? He was a fine connoisseur since his favorite wine was one of the best in France: The Chambertin.

discovered during his youth

Napoleon would have discovered this wine in his young military years, during a stay in Côte d’Or: history retains that he would have drunk almost only Chambertin the rest of his life, except during his exile in Sainte -Hélène where he was forced to drink Bordeaux. It is said that Chambertin’s coffers followed the emperor everywhere, from Spain to Austria, via Egypt and Russia.

napoleon's favorite wine

Napoleon’s lemonade

During the bitter cold of the Russian countryside in 1812, Napoleon’s aide-de-camp kept this wine against his chest so that he could serve him chambered wine at any time. He also told himself that on the day of the Battle of Waterloo Napoleon had not drunk his glass of Chambertin. The perfidious English have another version they claim that Napoleon would have abused his favorite wine the night before the battle and that he was drunk in battle, which made him fall off his horse. Besides Chambertin, Napoleon did not disdain a glass of champagne, never forgetting to add at least as much water: it was what he called his “lemonade“.

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