Art nouveau door, avenue rapp in Paris, France

You can’t miss It when walking on avenue Rapp near the Eiffel Tower, The Lavirotte building is a superb example of Art Nouveau in Paris.

An exuberant work !

the Lavirotte building, in the 7th arrondissement is located at 29 avenue Rapp, a few hundred meters from the Eiffel Tower and the Champ de Mars, this building is not to be missed if you are walking around the area. Whether you are an architecture lover or not, it never leaves you indifferent, as its luxuriance is an ode to Parisian romanticism. A singular and exuberant work!

The most beautiful facade of Paris in 1901

Produced by Jules Lavirotte between 1900 and 1901, it won the prize for the most beautiful facade in the city of Paris in 1901. Irregular and asymmetrical architecture of the facade, animal and plant ornamentation, curves and a mixture of materials, this building is a real masterpiece.

Sexual allusions on the facade

Looking at it closely, you will quickly notice that its central design does indeed represent a phallic shape ! Front door of the building Symbol of virility that you will also find in the layout of the corridor and the courtyard, if you are lucky enough to come across a friendly resident who agrees to let you enter the building. Other sexual allusions can also be found in the multitude of sculpted details of the facade, allegories obviously subject to all types of analysis …

Because there lies the true beauty of Art Nouveau: a style with an overflowing imagination giving free rein to creation, and therefore to interpretation …

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