Guest of Jimmy Fallon on March 16, actress Camille Cottin revealed an anecdote about her relationship with Lady Gaga during the filming of the movie House of Gucci.

Camille Cottin told and anecdote about Lady Gaga in Jimmy Fallon show in the movie house of gucci

Very focused on her character

In this film released in November 2021, the French actress plays the role of Paola Granchi, the new companion of Maurizio Gucci (Adam Driver) after his divorce from Patrizia Reggiani (Lady Gaga). The two women were therefore enemies on the screen and the host Jimmy Fallon wanted to know if they had gotten along behind the scenes. To which Camille Cottin replied: “I would have loved it, but she was very focused, she was in her character.

“You are a beautiful woman”

However, fiction is often far from reality as the ‘Ten Percent’ star revealed that she gets along very well with Lady Gaga. She recounts the day the singer came to see her to reassure her: “I must say that in truth, she is not at all like her character. One day, she was very focused and all of a sudden, she came to me between two takes, and said to me, “You are a beautiful woman and a great actress, and we will be friends at the end of the film. Now hush!” “. After the success of “House of Gucci”, we will soon find Camille Cottin on the big screen since she will be the headliner of the feature film “Golda” alongside Helen Mirren.

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