Château Margaux has been defined as the best bottle of Bordeaux wine by Thomas Jefferson, discover the history of this fascinating house.

The best Bordeaux wine

The long history of this wonderful castle begins in the 12th century, a small castle called La Mothe de Marguax, where we saw several owners. It was in 1572 and 1582 that a radical change took place thanks to the Lestonnac family, who renovated the castle and stopped producing cereals to create vineyards, reaching 265 hectares. At the beginning of the 13th century, the famous Berlon, a true expert and visionary in the world of oenology, modernized the winemaking process. Wines from the Bordeaux region began to conquer not only the domestic market, but also the international market. Famous people like Thomas Jefferson (US Ambassador to France) mentioned that there couldn’t be a better bottle of Bordeaux wine.

 Château Margaux has been defined as the best bottle of Bordeaux wine by Thomas Jefferson, discover the history of this fascinating house.
Chateau Margaux

The Versailles of the Medoc

The construction of the Château as it can still be admired today dates from 1810 and is the work of the famous Bordeaux architect Louis Combes, who had the ambition to create the “Versailles of the Médoc“. Of impeccable quality from the start, Château Margaux was crowned “Premier Grand Cru Classé” by Napoleon III in 1855. It is also the only wine to receive the perfect score of twenty out of twenty during this tasting. For more than a century, Château Margaux passed through the hands of several owners to end up being bought in 1977 by the financial group Félix Potin, at the head of which is André Mentzelopoulos. The latter undertook major restoration work, particularly in the vineyard, the cellars and at the Château. A true visionary, Mr. Mentzelopoulos brought Château Margaux out of the doldrums of the 1950s and 1975s and, from 1978, offered an exceptional wine. After his death in 1980, Corinne, André’s daughter, took over the reins of the Château. The challenge was successfully taken up so that Château Margaux today seems to be a Lady more resplendent than ever, both in France and abroad.

An exceptional terroir

To produce such a great wine, an exceptional terroir is required. Thus, Château Margaux benefits from a magnificent mound of fine gravel and sand on which the four iconic Médoc grape varieties grow (Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Cabernet Franc, Petit Verdot). Château Margaux benefits from an oceanic climate, characterized by a mild and rainy winter and a cool and relatively humid summer. These natural conditions allow the grapes to reach optimum maturity. In this formula, we feel the influence of André Mentzelopoulos who, under the advice of his oenologist Emile Peynaud, undertook to replant many vines, to strengthen the selection of grapes, to set up aging in new barrels. Corinne Mentzelopoulos continues in this direction by founding a Research and Development department allowing her, among other things, to observe the reaction of vines and wine to biodynamics, with the aim of, one day perhaps, converting.

Four exceptional wines

Wines Château Margaux produces four exceptional wines :

Château Margaux. This Premier Grand Cru Classé is the real standard-bearer of the appellation. About a third of the harvest is devoted to its production. It is characterized by a deep ruby ​​color, an enchanting fragrance and a silky texture, which makes it a wine of unparalleled elegance. It’s very simple, the Grand Vin de Château Margaux is a concentrate of emotion in the bottle.

Pavillon Rouge of Château Margaux. With a quality close to that of the first wine, the Pavillon Rouge has always been the faithful lieutenant of Château Margaux. This loyalty has been rewarded since for several years he has benefited from plots formerly reserved for Grand Vin.

Margaux from Chateau Margaux. Following the superb harvest of 2009, the decision was taken to put a third wine on sale under the name of Margaux. This is a great opportunity to benefit from the know-how of the Château’s winegrowers at a more affordable price.

White Pavilion of Château Margaux. From a twelve-hectare vineyard composed solely of Sauvignon, this wine offers a whole new face to the noble Lady of the Médoc. Thus we can find in these traits a great finesse and aromatic richness that make Pavillon Blanc a wine of rare elegance.

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