The Institut Lumière offers a Ridley Scott retrospective and will present the director’s emblematic films.

An insatiable giant

The Lumière Institute in Lyon honors one of the greatest contemporary filmmakers, author of some of the greatest classics of the late 20th and early 21st centuries. An outstanding storyteller, demiurge creator of universes and brilliant director of actors. Historical frescoes, science fiction, peplum or film noir… cinema, nothing but cinema. An insatiable giant: at almost 85 years old, Sir Ridley Scott – he was knighted in 2003 – does not leave the film sets. He completed a Napoleon (seen by Joséphine), planned a new sequel to Alien… Not only did age increase his creativity tenfold, but his projects remained on an unusual scale, ever more spectacular. No doubt it is a question of making up for lost time: Scott was almost forty years old when he shot his first feature film, The Duelists (1977). He learned cinema on the job by directing hundreds of commercials, becoming a leading figure in the genre. It is his visual power, often linked to precise pictorial references, and his technical know-how that he will put at the service of fiction, without ever losing sight of the pleasure and emotion of the spectator. If his name remains associated with two immense classics of science fiction cinema, Alien – the 8th passenger (1979) and Blade Runner (1982), it is not the genre that attracts him in the first place.

One of the greatest filmmakers

Because he spent his early years in London under the German bombs, his films are first crossed by the horrors of war: imperial wars in The Duelists, holy war in Kingdom of Heaven (2005), political guerrilla warfare in Robin des Bois (2010). More broadly, the conflicts of power and the betrayals that accompany them fascinate him, whether in ancient Rome (Gladiator, 2000, with his favorite comedian, Russell Crowe), the underworld (American Gangster, 2007) or within a wealthy Italian family (House of Gucci, 2021)… The retrospective will take place from June 1 to July 17.



Wednesday, June 1 Presented by Jérémy Cottin 7:30 p.m. Gladiator (2000, 2:35) DUAL BLADE RUNNER PROGRAM Thursday, June 9 6:30 p.m. Blade Runner by Ridley Scott (1982, Final Cut 1:57) 9 p.m. Blade Runner 2049 by Denis Villeneuve (2017, 2h43) Special rate: Pass 2 films During the evening, invitation to the Rockyrama cinema magazine and sale of the three issues dedicated to Ridley Scott

JOURNEY THROUGH THE CINEMA OF RIDLEY SCOTT by Fabrice Calzettoni Tuesday, June 14 6:30 p.m. Five sequences presented and commented on by Fabrice Calzettoni: Alien, Blade Runner, Black Rain, Gladiator, Alone on Mars (approx. 1 hour) 8 p.m. Thelma and Louise (1991, 2h09)


Wednesday, June 22 In the presence of Marc Moquin, editor-in-chief of the cinema magazine Revus & Corrigés, 6:30 p.m. Conference on Ridley Scott (approx. 1h15) 8:30 p.m. The Duelists (1977, 1h35) A

LIEN DOUBLE PROGRAM AT THE BEGINNING Thursday, June 30 Hosted by Jérémy Cottin 6:30 pm Prometheus by Ridley Scott (2012, 2h04) 9:15 p.m. Alien: Covenant by Ridley Scott (2017, 2:02) Special rate: Pass 2 films During the evening, invitation to the Rockyrama cinema magazine and sale of the three issues dedicated to Ridley Scott (Blade Runner, Alien and Ridley Scott)

Ridley Scott’s films will be screened in the cinema version of their French release, with the exception of: – Alien – The 8th passenger: 2003 Director’s Cut version – Blade Runner: 2007 Final Cut version – Kingdom of Heaven: Director’s Cut version, unpublished at the cinema in France In addition, long versions or re-editings of certain films have been edited only on video. These DVDs and Blu-rays of Legend, Gladiator, La Chute du faucon noir, American Gangster, Robin des Bois, Cartel… can be discovered at the Librairie du Premier-Film.

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