Claude Lelouch is releasing his 50th movie, "Love is better than life" next week, which should end his successful career.
It is at the water's edge, in the heart of Parc de la Villette, that the nomadic and eco-responsible restaurant Ventrus opened its doors.
Hard to believe, but Paris hides in its basements ... a bunker ! A place as chilling as it is intriguing.
Before her beheading, Queen Marie Antoinette reportedly saw her hair turn white in a single night. The existence of this phenomenon, called since "the Marie-Antoinette syndrome", is debated among scientists.
one of the most endearing showcases in Saint-Germain-des-Prés. The legendary boulevard Saint-Germain brasserie celebrated its 130th anniversary. Its ritual, its decor and its unchanging menu continue to attract the whole of Paris. Here is the saga of an institution.
David Hockney exhibits at the Orangery Museum, near Monet's Water Lilies, depicting the seasons in a monumental fresco nearly 90 meters long.
With her first novel, which has conquered more than 300,000 readers since its publication a year ago , Olivia Ruiz has made a triumphant entry into literature. And "La commode aux tiroirs de couleurs" becomes a comic strip.
This pretty balcony located in Paris was the home of one the most popular poets, Charles Baudelaire.
In the Marais, rue François Miron, you can discover two superb gabled houses typical of old Paris, which date from the 15th century. They were completely restored in 1967 to bring back the half-timbered areas, the medieval-style shops and the gables. After the gigantic fire that devastated London in 1666, an ordinance obliged Parisians to cover their facades with plaster to limit the spread of fire, and gables, which also favored fires, were banned. Covered with plaster, these facades were therefore hidden from the eyes of Parisians for 3 centuries.
Imagine a new-age literary tea room, hidden in a small cobbled lane a few steps from the quays with a view of Notre-Dame. The ideal break for a stroll along the Seine. If we no longer present the wonderful...