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Very distinctive with its unique decor, the café-brasserie "Au Rocher de Cancale" located at 78 rue Montorgueil is one of the old Parisian institutions as its lower counterpart towards Les Halles at 38, "L'Escargot Montorgueil" which dates from 1832.
Some photos taken in 2020 in Montmartre, without tourists, closed cafés, closed restaurant, Montmartre as we never seen It before 2020.
A large teddy bear wearing an anti-covid mask driving an old green van parked in front of the Ralph Lauren store on Boulevard Saint-Germain, a funny scene that heralds the return of the Ralph’s Coffee Truck. Inaugurated during Fashion Week 2017, it is the perfect place to take a little break during your shopping spree.
The inventor of candied chestnuts is Boissier, in Paris. This French company, founded in 1827, was founded by Mr. Bélissier Boissier and enjoyed great success in the 19th century, particularly with candied chestnuts,
During the closure of the cafes because of the covid, some Parisian cafes like Les Deux Magots have a good idea to decorate their windows with fictitious "customers" embodied to perfection by big teddy bears, it makes you wait in style for the reopening. of this mythical place.
At almost 132 years old, the Iron Lady is about to return to her original color: a "brown yellow", imagined by the architect Gustave Eiffel in 1907. Cost of the operation? A trifle of 50 million euros!
If there is one place that makes you want to sit down, it is this patisserie-café with terrace by the sweet name of Moulin de la Vierge. There are others in Paris, because this establishment is the result of an unusual history. Its founder, Basile Kamir, who started out as a journalist for Actuel magazine, one day set up shop to sell his friend Richard Branson's records, in a bakery listed as a historic monument.
Captivating the gaze of onlookers and customers for more than a century, it consists of ten beams, together forming an immense flower of 1000 m2 of stained glass, erected in a typical Art Nouveau style
Paris is full of pretty little details for whoever pays attention despite the urban bustle. It is always interesting to walk there with your camera to capture small architectural treasures. Here is the result of photographic walks through Paris ... in blue.
Have you ever eaten a croissant at Cedric Grolet? Well, it's a unique culinary experience to try out urgently if you like French pastries. Just seeing this super-thin multi-layered puff pastry makes you want to bite into it at the sight of it. The same is true for all other pastries, and for good reason: Cedric Grolet was voted best pastry chef in the world !