They are so cute and chic that they go wonderfully with a good tea, but would you have thought of having a picnic with Ladurée macaroons instead of sandwiches? That’s a great idea, isn’t it? The result in pictures accompanied by the story of Ladurée.

macarons ladurée
macarons ladurée
picnic with ladurée macarons
chic picnic
Tea party Ladurée
pièce montée of macarons

A bit of history: Created in 1862 by Louis Ernest Ladurée, the house Ladurée was originally a bakery located at 16 rue Royale. In 1871, after a fire, Louis Ernest Ladurée transformed the bakery into a pastry shop. A painter paints a pastry angel on the ceiling of the pastry shop which will become the emblem of the brand. It was the wife of Louis Ernest Ladurée who came up with the idea of ​​making the shop more attractive and transforming it into a tea room, which was one of the first in Paris. Today, the symbol of the Ladurée house is the macaroon, composed of meringue and ganache, this round and colorful cake has made this Parisian pastry world famous. Macaron is one of the most photogenic pastrie, one of my favourite food subject !

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