The covered passages are a Parisian invention. They were built between 1820 and 1840 to allow Parisians to be able to shop sheltered from the weather. These galleries with magnificent glass roofs and wrought iron lampposts became the meeting place for the Parisian bourgeoisie. And now, they allow us to plunge back into an era that is unfortunately over.

The Grands Boulevards district is home to several very old passages. As we walk through them, we will be able to realize the very different atmosphere that emanates from them. Each passage allows you to escape the noise of the street and the traditional or large stores. Some galleries house shops, mainly antiques or old books, open since the 19th century. Since the renovation and return to grace of the Parisian covered passages in the 1980s, some galleries have been very busy. Trendy restaurants, trendy or unusual boutiques alternate with older or traditional stores. Further on, another passage has been completely and beautifully redecorated. All the stores were reoriented towards the trade of various toys and electronic games.

galerie vivienne
galerie vivienne, paris

A plunge in the past

The tour continues towards beautiful passages, historic and prestigious, before entering the gardens of the Royal Palace and discovering its historic galleries and high class atmosphere. Nearby, the first gas-lit gallery in Paris will take you back to the 19th century, so much the decor and ambiance have remained unchanged, even if some world-famous stores are clearly of today. After a short walk, we will enter one of the most famous Parisian covered passages, also restored, with the tallest glass roof in Paris.

galerie vivienne paris

The facades and decorations of the stores as well as the special atmosphere add to the charm of the place. The passage that follows it is still being recomposed. If some shops are closed, there is a superb and rare sawmill still in operation in Paris! The tour will end not far from there, in a hidden and little-known gallery, where plants and colors abound, far from the tumult of Paris.

passage verdeau
covered passages of Paris
bouffes parisiens

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