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In this new single, Stromae evokes malaise and suicidal tendencies. A piece staged in a sober but poignant video.
In this documentary, Charlotte Gainsbourg takes the camera to film her mother Jane Birkin on tour. An intimate discussion that sometimes takes on a fun or upsetting turn.
Stromae created a great television moment during his time on the TF1 TV channel, Stromae surprises again and offers a new memorable sequence on French television.
Return to Hollywood for Marion Cotillard. Five years after Assassin's Creed, the French star finds a big American production.
Juliette Armanet released a new album on November 19. Named "Brûler le feu", it should set the dancefloors on fire !
The ecological movie "The Crusade", directed by Louis Garrel with Lætitia Casta, will be released in theaters on Wednesday 22 December in France.This is the story of a couple overwhelmed by the environmental cause married by their son.
Gustave Doré, the famous illustrator left his mark on many filmmakers. Walt Disney also drew inspiration from it, notably for Snow White.
In Germany, French cinema will shine through one of its greatest actresses. Indeed, Isabelle Huppert will be in the spotlight at the next edition of the Berlinale which will take place from February 10 to 20, 2022.
The famous trumpeter Ibrahim Maalouf celebrates Christmas in a double album, "First Noel" by orchestrating the great standards of these end-of-year celebrations.
Etienne Daho, icon of French song, is celebrating his 40th anniversary of career this year and is taking the opportunity to release a new title with an evocative name: Virus X