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Bouillon Chartier : an historical monument

Bouillon Chartier, this iconic restaurant is classified as a historical monument. At the end of the 19th century, Paris was transformed, the golden age of industrial civilization was rearing its head, the capital needed manpower. To feed the masons, the carpenters, the diggers who are hungry, Frédéric and Camille Chartier serve their customers a bowl of broth and pot au feu.

History of the most iconic bookstores of Paris

You know you are in Paris when you see them,booksellers are one of the essentials of the Parisian postcard. True symbols of the banks of the Seine today, these book enthusiasts were already experimenting with books in the 16th century!

History of « Shakespeare and Co » bookstore

With its green facade facing Notre Dame, Shakespeare and Co one of the most famous bookstores in Paris. Back to the little history of this essential Parisian bookstore!

New shop to discover in Paris : Marin Montagut cabinet of curiosities

Entering Marin Montagut's boutique means taking a magnificent trip back in time and finding yourself in the heart of a cabinet of curiosities.

The origin of the name « Bistro »

The bistro is one of the great inseparable symbols of the city of Paris. Café-restaurant-bar, we have a drink, we nibble there, we eat small traditional French dishes, generally cooked with good franquette.

Chanel 5 perfume is 100 years old

This mythical perfume bottle was born in May, the fifth month of the year, it is this date that is at the origin of its name. Its creator, Coco Chanel thought that the number 5 would bring him luck, time has proved her right,

The Bateau Lavoir, the « Factory » of Montmartre

The Bateau-Lavoir is one of the most famous artist residences in Paris, like was the factory in New-York. Perched on the Butte Montmartre since 1892, it has seen Pablo Picasso, Guillaume Apollinaire and Modigliani pass through its workshops.

Barthelemy, the cheese shop of French presidents

It has been more than 10 years since Nicole Barthélémy took over the store from her husband Roland, rue de Grenelle, and it is always full. All the beautiful people of the 6th and 7th arrondissements flock to this little retro shop where the cheeses are matured with passion and according to the rules of the art.

A simple and tasty French cake : Le Moka

Its name comes from the city where the first import port for coffee was located: Moka, in Yemen. Its name makes people travel but it is nevertheless in France that the mocha cake was invented. This cake is very easy to make and ideal for a birthday, here is its recipe

The myterious lake of the Garnier Opera

Paris is a city full of well-hidden treasures. Among them is the lake located under the Opéra Garnier. Did you not know it existed?

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