i love you wall

The “Mur des je t’aime”, which you can discover by visiting the Jehan-Rictus square, is the work of Frédéric Baron who himself collected during various wanderings in Paris more than 1500 declarations of love in all the languages.

You will indeed see “I love you” in English, Chinese, French, but also in rare or forgotten dialects such as Corsican, Navajo or even Esperanto!

In all, there are 311 “I love you” available in 280 languages, assembled here with the help of Claire Kito, calligrapher artist.

The message of the artist

As for the wall which serves as a support for all these declarations of love, it consists of 612 enamelled lava tiles over an area of ​​40m2. The bursts of color that you can see on the fresco represent the pieces of a broken heart which, all put together, form a perfectly composed heart. Finally, note that the symbolism of the wall was deliberately chosen by the artist.

While this rather represents in our collective imagination division, even separation, Frédéric Baron wished to play with this image by showing that a wall could also be a support for the prettiest human feelings.

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