If there is one place that makes you want to sit down, it is this patisserie-café with terrace by the sweet name of Moulin de la Vierge. And It’s one of the best bakery of Paris !

A bakery listed as a historic monument

There are others in Paris, because this establishment is the result of an unusual history. Its founder, Basile Kamir, who started out as a journalist for Actuel magazine, one day set up shop to sell his friend Richard Branson’s records, in a bakery listed as a historic monument. Threatened with destruction unless he returned to his original activity, Basile Kamir therefore launched himself, after music into the revival of historic bakery, making it a point of honor that the shops chosen reflect the history of Paris.

A mix between tradition and modernity

This little bubble of sweetness was therefore obvious to create this gourmet space, a shop, a bakery and a restaurant, where the Moulin de la Vierge team gives the best of itself, with products made from place based on fresh ingredients, consumables at the counter, on the restaurant terrace or to take away: hot pies and sandwiches, good home-baked bread … French and friendly cuisine that attracts businessmen, designers and shoppers, in short, a trendy clientele for a historic place facing the basilica. Between tradition and modernity … all the spirit of Place des Petits-Pères.

Moulin de la vierge bakery in Paris
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