Bouillon Chartier : an historical monument


Bouillon Chartier, this iconic restaurant is classified as a historical monument.

At the end of the 19th century, Paris was transformed, the golden age of industrial civilization was rearing its head, the capital needed manpower. To feed the masons, the carpenters, the diggers who are hungry, Frédéric and Camille Chartier serve their customers a bowl of broth and pot au feu.

The restaurant is huge, open 7 days a week at all hours, the success is immediate. The idea of ​​Bouillon belongs to the Duval family, and Chartier comes to hunt at Alexandre Duval’s popular restaurants, a good fortnight in Paris. One day, Camille Chartier goes to lunch in a Duval broth and comes face to face with her competitor. So Chartier told him Duval, “Are you coming to have lunch with me because it’s better than yours?” And Chartier replies “no, my place is full”.

bouillon chartier restaurant in Paris

Duval broths have disappeared, and after 127 years of existence, Chartier still exists, a true Parisian institution and still low price, Poulet Frites, sauerkraut, tartare, the indestructible egg mayo, herring apple in oil, baba au rum and raisins, chocolate mousse, mille-feuille, a killing, a massacre as the new generation says and always for waitresses and waiters the same way of noting and counting the bill on the paper tablecloth on which you feasted on.

Bouillon Chartier restaurant

7 rue du faubourg Montmartre

75009 Paris

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