Since 1827, Maison Boissier has seduced the world over by the charm of its cases as well as by the delicacy of its candied chestnuts. A unique know-how that retains the delicious imprint of its creators, Bélissier Boissier, master confectioner to whom we owe the creation of the famous “Bonbon Boule” and the first recipes of candied chestnuts.

A compagny founded in 1827

The inventor of candied chestnuts is Boissier, in Paris. This French company, founded in 1827, was founded by Mr. Bélissier Boissier and enjoyed great success in the 19th century, particularly with candied chestnuts, of which he was the inventor. It would even appear that Rotschild was getting his supplies in one of his shops. However, the house has experienced great difficulties over the centuries. Bélissier Boissier, having no successor, joined forces at the time with one of his employees. The adventure lasted and then collapsed during the war. It then struggled to prosper, despite being taken over by various investors.

boissier Paris

A French heritage

10 years ago, Sylvie Douce and François Jeantet took over the company from the commercial court. Being at the origin of the creation of the chocolate fair, the couple were legitimate to take over this brand of French heritage. These two enthusiasts have therefore taken up the torch, and have invested themselves, personally and financially, to restore all its splendor to this house, with chic and delicate codes. Thus is reborn Boissier By the time they bought the company, for a nominal fee, it was unrecognizable. The two Parisian stores had been abandoned for 2 years. He no longer had the recipes, and the information inherent in the company as it had existed. But by dint of courage and determination, Sylvie Douce and François Jeantet have given life to this brand, they have carried out all the necessary research to find the recipes, which have made the success of the Boissier house.

Boissier Today Helped by their daughter, they are in perpetual search for the smallest object, stamped with the name of the brand. They roam flea markets, antique shops, websites, etc … in order to reconstruct history. A museum, currently being created, will be dedicated to the Boissier house, and the objects found will be exhibited there. You can already see it in some of their shops, and in particular the most historic, that of 77 rue du Bac, in the 7th arrondissement of Paris.

Boissier Paris

77 rue du Bac

75007 Paris

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