A classic French recipe : Apricot Clafouti

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Very popular, clafoutis appeared in central France, more precisely in Limousin, during the 19th century. Among the people of Auvergne, clafoutis is called “billion” when made with cherries. Both melting and soft, the dough of the clafoutis is delicious, similar to that of a pancake dough or a custard. Today, other fruits can make up clafoutis such as apple, pear, apricot, plum …

Here is the recipe of this French dessert: .

List of ingredients    :

. 200 ml warm milk    

. 70 g sugar    

. 3 eggs    

. 500 g apricots   

 . 2 tsp. flour .Recipe

steps :    

   In a bowl, whisk the eggs with the sugar, then add the flour, mix  

   Then add the still warm milk, mixing well    

 Cut the apricots into large slices (or any other fruit such as peaches, apples, cherries …) and sprinkle with brown sugar (2 tablespoons).

Place them in a non-stick or buttered cake pan     

Pour the preparation on top and bake at 180 ° C for 50 minutes

French dessert apricot clafouti
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